At Bayside we offer a comprehensive range of treatments that can resolve the gynaecological issues troubling you.


We understand that sharing gynaecological issues is often difficult, and therefore ensure that compassionate consultations are just as important as successful treatment. No issue is too simple or too complex for discussion. We pride ourselves on offering a wide range of medical and surgical treatments, keeping in touch with today’s rapidly advancing technology. In-depth communication will help you to choose the treatment option that best suits your needs and beliefs.

All gynaecology services can be provided in either a private or intermediate setting, allowing both insured and non-insured patients quick access to specialist gynaecological care.






When you want to have a baby and it’s not happening, you need to know whether there are any reasons. The doctors at Bayside will be able to check both yours and your partners fertility with some very simple tests, and guide you how to increase your chances of success.

We can then discuss the current treatments available for infertility and which one best suits your needs.



After the excitement of first finding out you are pregnant undergoing the loss of a pregnancy is heartbreaking. Unfortunately miscarriages occur in about 20% of all pregnancies, and there nothing that you have done to have caused it or could have done to have stopped it from occurring.

On seeing our doctors, they will provide support and advice when making a choice about how to manage the loss of a pregnancy. They can also see what can be done to reduce the risk of it happening again in the future.




   Pap Smears & Colposcopy


Pap smears are only a guide to what changes you may have on your cervix, so if you have an abnormal one don’t be frightened. What you need now is a more accurate diagnosis and we will provide this for you by performing a colposcopy and possibly a small biopsy.

This will quickly determine whether you need further treatment, which can be provided under local anaesthetic in our rooms or if preferred, under a general anaesthetic in the hospital.

   Irregular Periods


Heavy? Irregular? None at all?

If your periods are stopping you from leading a normal life then talk to one of our doctors about how to change them. From medication to regulate your cycle, simple mirena insertion to prevent them or even day surgery procedures to permanently stop them.

The doctors are also able to perform advance vaginal surgeries, including vaginal hysterectomies, to help solve your period problems once you have completed your family.




   Pelvic Pain


So often this debilitating condition is left undiagnosed and patients told it’s all in the mind. We will be happy to hear your particular symptoms and without any preconceived judgment will tirelessly work to find the cause, even if it is not necessarily of gynaecological origin.



There is a huge spectrum of options available to women, allowing tailoring of your contraceptive choice to the different stages of your life. Bayside can assist you in choosing and implementing a contraceptive choice, with access to both non-permanent and permanent options.





Going through the ‘change of life’ can be a difficult time for a women, especially as symptoms such as hot flushes and mood changes can be debilitating. There are many simple lifestyle changes that can improve symptoms, but there is still a place for Hormone Replacement Therapy in the right patient despite the negative press associations.

We can discuss the various options and the real facts about HRT including the role of naturopathic treatments, tailoring a plan to your individual needs.

   Prolapse & Incontinence


In the last decade women have come to realise that they no longer have to tolerate a weak bladder and sexual dysfunction due to a damaged pelvic floor. It’s not their ‘lot in life’. There are now both surgical and non-surgical techniques that are extremely successful at restoring pelvic floor function.